The New Olive Branch (1820) and Selected Essays

The New Olive Branch (1820) and Selected Essays

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Mathew Carey was one of the most popular and influential economic writers of his day, but his work has been largely overlooked by modern writers, who tend to focus on more scholarly writers or on precursors to contemporary classical economics. Carey was a self-taught printer and publisher who rejected Adam Smith, led the early fight for protective tariffs, and wrote hundreds of newspaper articles to convince the public of the need to protect American manufacturers. a€œThe New Olive Brancha€ is Careya€™s most important, accessible, and sustained elaboration of his political-economic ideas, and is accompanied in this volume by portions of his a€œAddresses of the Philadelphia Society for the Promotion of National Industrya€ (1822), which offer further insight into his rejection of classical economics.The ruin of so many of them the result of the excess of their numbers. the extent and value of the commerce of the United States have long been prolific themes for orators in congress, and writers of newspapersa€” and it appears generallyanbsp;...

Title:The New Olive Branch (1820) and Selected Essays
Author:Mathew Carey
Publisher:Anthem Press - 2014-10-15


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