The New Prescription

The New Prescription

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Even with health insurance, the costs of health care are skyrocketing. Between high deductibles and copays, many find themselves confronting steep costs for care. But the truth is consumers can take the reins of their health decisions, keep costs down, and maximize their quality of life. Physician and medical care expert Cynthia Haines, M.D., and health writer Eric Metcalf have devoted their careers to educating consumers and empowering them to make the most of their care options. Now with The New Prescription, they show readers how to take back responsibility for their carea€”explaining how to find the right allies, make good healthcare choices, and shop for the best treatments. Readers will learn: a€c How to avoid misdiagnoses and costly tests you don't really need a€c Cost-effective ways to prevent and treat the most common and expensive diseases and symptoms a€c How to find the right primary-care physiciana€”a proven ally to simplify your care and lower your health-care costs a€c Which conditions allow for a wait-and-see approach and which ones require proactive stepsMcGeeney, Terry on consumer choices, 22a€“23, 28, 38a€“39 on defensive medicine , 48 on treatment approaches, ... 66a€“67 medical billing advocates, 236a€“237 medical billing/diagnostic codes, 239a€“240 medical emergencies, 86, 182, 208anbsp;...

Title:The New Prescription
Author:Cynthia Haines, M.D., Eric Metcalf, MPH
Publisher:Health Communications, Inc. - 2011-05-02


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