The New Talent Acquisition Frontier

The New Talent Acquisition Frontier

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* Full of concrete strategies and practical tools for implementing a successful and sustainable talent management program* The first book to provide a concrete roadmap to integrated HR and diversity strategyFor HR professionals and leaders, chief diversity officers, line managers, and executives in the private and public sectors and higher education, this book presents a systematic approach to integrating HR practices and strategic diversity initiatives to create the inclusive, high performance workforce that every enterprise and institution needs to succeed in an increasingly multicultural society and global marketplace.The authors point of departure is that talent is the primary strategic asset necessary for organizational success in a demographically diversifying and globally interconnected world. Organizations must optimize their human capital resources by the deliberate development of synergy between human resource (HR) and diversity programs. The authors identify two critical practices: qtalent managementq through the orchestration of HR and diversity programs to enhance organizational capability by unleashing, mobilizing, nurturing, and sustaining the contributions of a diverse workforce; and qtalent sustainabilityq through the close integration of HR and diversity to continuously develop systems, structures, processes, and a culture that heighten employee commitment, engagement, and inclusion. They further believe that there should be a commonality of practice across all types of organizations, so that each sector can learn from the others to accelerate its adaptation to today s rapidly shifting national and global realities.Edna Chun and Alvin Evans are award-winning authors and human resource and diversity. Two of their books, Are the Walls Really Down? Behavioral and Organizational Barriers to Faculty and Staff Diversity (2007) and Bridging the Diversity Divide: Globalization and Reciprocal Empowerment in Higher Education (2009) were recipients of the prestigious Kathryn G. Hansen Publication Award. Their most recent publications include Diverse Administrators in Peril: The New Indentured Class in Higher Education (2012) and Creating a Tipping Point: Strategic HR in Higher Education (2012). Alvin Evans serves as Interim Vice President of Human Resources for Kent State University and Edna Chun is Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.Action Plan with an essay titled a€œA Philosophical Declaration: The Academic Need for Inclusive Excellence in Actiona€ in which she crystallizes ... of inclusive excellence (a€œCharting Our Future, a€ 2012): Inclusive excellence is revealed when diversity becomes a natural process, ... Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

Title:The New Talent Acquisition Frontier
Author:Edna Chun , Alvin Evans
Publisher:Stylus Publishing, LLC. - 2013-10-01


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