The Next Crash

The Next Crash

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If you are one of over 700 million passengers who will fly in America this year, you need to read this book. The Next Crash offers a shocking perspective on the aviation industry by a former United Airlines pilot. Weaving insider knowledge with hundreds of employee interviews, Amy L. Fraher uncovers the story airline executives and government regulators would rather not tell. While the FAA claims that this is the qGolden Age of Safety, a€ and other aviation researchers assure us the chance of dying in an airline accident is infinitesimal, The Next Crash reports that 70 percent of commercial pilots believe a major airline accident will happen soon. Who should we believe? As one captain explained, a€œEverybody wants their $99 ticket, a€ but a€œyou dona€™t get [Captain] Sully for ninety-nine bucksq Drawing parallels between the 2008 financial industry implosion and the post-9/11 airline industry, The Next Crash explains how aviation industry risk management processes have not kept pace with a rapidly changing environment. To stay safe the system increasingly relies on the experience and professionalism of airline employees who are already stressed, fatigued, and working more while earning less. As one copilot reported, employees are so distracted a€œita€™s almost a miracle that there wasna€™t bent metal and dead peoplea€ at his airline. Although opinions like this are pervasive, for reasons discussed in this book, employeesa€™ issues do not concern the right peoplea€”namely airline executives, aviation industry regulators, politicians, watchdog groups, or even the flying publica€”in the right way often enough. In contrast to popular notions that airliner accidents are a thing of the past, Fraher makes clear America is entering a period of unprecedented aviation risk.NTSB, Aircraft Accident Report:Collisionwith Trees andCrash Short ofRunway: CorporateAirlines Flight 5966, NTSB/AAR 06/01, 2004, 6, accessed September 10, 2011, AAR0601.pdf. ... a€œWhistleBlowing ExPilot Prompted Gulfstream International Airlinesa#39; $1.3 Million FAA Fine, a€ Tampa Bay Times, May 23, 2009, accessed September 5, anbsp;...

Title:The Next Crash
Author:Amy L. Fraher
Publisher:Cornell University Press - 2014-05-09


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