The Nitpicker's Guide for X-Philes

The Nitpicker's Guide for X-Philes

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The truth is, the nits are out there.... What's weird about Samantha T. Mulder's birthday? (She has two of them: January 22 and November 21.) What's amazing about Mulder's cell phone? (It operates inside a metal boxcar, buried in a canyon, out in the deserts of New Mexico: anywhere!) Scully and Mulder, you have reason to be paranoid. Armed with keen detective sense, attention to detail, and a VCR, author Phil Farrand has done some forensic work of his own and dissected every technical foul-up, plot oversight, and alien intrusion on the X-Files(r). Paranormal he's not, but he'd like to know why T.A. Berube has a six-digit zip code or how the VCRs at the 2400 Court motel in Braddock Heights, Maryland, can play a tape after it's been ejected. Nitpicking? You bet. So join his conspiracy to have hours of mental stimulation and fun with: Equipment flubs Changed premises Plot oversights Fun facts Trivia questions Reviews of every show for all four seasons And moreAnd while wea#39;re a€œreasoninga€ things out, why doesna#39;t Scully call Muldera#39;s cell phone during the closing scene of this ... Only one problem: Barry is using a cordless phone, and the base unit doesna#39;t have any power, so the phone wouldna#39; t work!

Title:The Nitpicker's Guide for X-Philes
Author:Phil Farrand
Publisher:Dell - 1999-11-05


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