The Nobel Memorial Laureates in Economics

The Nobel Memorial Laureates in Economics

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. . . this book will continue to share shelf-space next to my current textbooks. As a librarian, such utility makes this a desirable addition to any educator s collection. As a history of economic thought book, Vane and Mulhearn have brought together a breadth of information that can be found through disparate sources but at a cost of effort and, especially for students, qualitative decisions regarding sources. . . The convenience of their starting methodology, breadth over depth coverage, and clear intention of writing to an audience of students makes this a useful text. Kirk Douglas Johnson, Journal of the History of Economic Thought The essays summarizing the main achievements of the prize winners are well written and to the point. They are short enough that they never cause the reader to lose interest, but substantive enough to let you know what the winners accomplishments amount to. These compact, factually accurate essays mark the real value of the book as a reference work. . . there is little for which to fault the authors. Vane and Mulhearn have done a very nice job with the book, and it is an added bonus that it includes a formal portrait photograph of each prize winner. Bradley W. Bateman, History Political Economy . . . Vane and Mulhearn have produced a useful reference work. John Quiggin, Economic Analysis and Policy This collection has the capacity to surprise the reader. You learn all sorts of new and sometimes admirable things about these economists and about the richness of the profession that is often obscured from students of the subject. John Lodewijks, History of Economics Review This volume provides a non-technical description of the main published works of every Nobel Memorial (Economics) winner from the first annual award in 1969 to 2004 . . . This is a reference book par excellence . . . it will interest not only those having some involvement with economics, past or present, but it should also attract more general readers wanting to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding economics and economists. Economic Outlook and Business Review Vane and Mulhearn have produced an introduction to the careers and major publications of the 55 economists awarded the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel between 1969 and 2004. The short essays on each economist are readable and accurate; they provide a discussion of the subjects, major contributions and an introduction to the secondary literature, often with the outstanding reports on the laureates work provided to the Economic Prize Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The collection is introduced with a review of the prize and the common characteristics of the winners thus far, all neatly summarized in a table with each laureate s year and country of birth, university, year of first and higher degrees, affiliation at the time of the award, field of study, and a summary citation. This volume provides a very useful introduction to the development of economic ideas in the last three-quarters of the 20th century. Highly recommended. D.E. Moggridge, Choice Every serious research economist will want to have a look at this comprehensive work. Edwin Burmeister, Research Professor of Economics, Duke University, US The award of the Nobel Prize has, for more than thirty years, been economists way of informing the public at large about what work most of them think is important, and about who has done it. Anyone seeking to understand the development of recent economic ideas and the profession that has created them must deal with the Prize s history, and Vane and Mulhearn have provided an indispensable guide to it brief, readable and accurate. David Laidler, Professor Emeritus and Bank of Montreal Professor, University of Western Ontario, Canada This is a splendid account of the personal stories of the Nobel Laureates in Economics, the diversity of practice of recent economists, and, perhaps above all, the nature oAt Columbia he took one introductory economics course, using Paul Samuelsona#39;s textbook, little knowing that he would find ... After graduation, Merton began to study for a PhD in applied mathematics at the California Institute of Technologyanbsp;...

Title:The Nobel Memorial Laureates in Economics
Author:Howard R. Vane, Chris Mulhearn
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2005


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