The Noble Gases as Geochemical Tracers

The Noble Gases as Geochemical Tracers

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The twelve chapters of this volume aim to provide a complete manual for using noble gases in terrestrial geochemistry, covering applications which range from high temperature processes deep in the Eartha€™s interior to tracing climatic variations using noble gases trapped in ice cores, groundwaters and modern sediments. Other chapters cover noble gases in crustal (aqueous, CO2 and hydrocarbon) fluids and laboratory techniques for determining noble gas solubilities and diffusivities under geologically relevant conditions. Each chapter deals with the fundamentals of the analysis and interpretation of the data, detailing sampling and sampling strategies, techniques for analysis, sources of error and their estimation, including data treatment and data interpretation using recent case studies.4 A schematic diagram of a typical noble gas extraction vacuum line for treating gas/fluid samples the gas phase at ... These amounts are usually smaller than the experimental error of He and Ne contents and do not present practical problems anbsp;...

Title:The Noble Gases as Geochemical Tracers
Author:Pete Burnard
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-15


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