The Notorious Bacon Brothers

The Notorious Bacon Brothers

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A searing look at one of Canada's most dangerous gangs Gang violence is nothing new to Vancouver, but the brutality of the Bacon Brothersa€”Jonathan, Jarrod, and Jamiea€”has become legendary. The Notorious Bacon Brothers follows the chaotic rise of these three gangland figures to the pinnacle of Vancouver's lucrative drug trade. Chronicling not only the Bacon Brothers themselves, but also the gangs they infiltrated on their way to the top, and the catastrophic wave of violence they brought to the streets of Vancouver, the book explores how the bothers' adeptness at making and breaking allegiances and propensity for violence is now being replicated by gangs across Canada. With one Bacon brother dead and the other two behind bars, a power vacuum has developed for control of the drug trade in the Greater Vancouver area. The result has been full on war among the Hells Angels, Red Scorpions, UN Gang, and Independent Soldiers, as they fight to take the position once occupied by the Bacon Brothersa€”a lasting legacy to their place in Canada's gang history. Presents an incisive look at the violent lives of the Bacon Brothers, some of Canada's most notorious criminals Shows how the Bacon Brothers set a new precedence for gang violence that is being mimicked throughout the country Explores how the void left by the Brothers has spurred on increasing violent gang warfare on the streets of Vancouver Hard-hitting and insightful, The Notorious Bacon Brothers is a powerful look at the seedy underbelly of contemporary Canadian organized crime.But in 2008, there was a couple without kids who lived at the big white sidingand- brick house at 1432 and didna#39;t mix with anyone else in the neighborhood. ... On the night of Friday, May 8, 2008, there were two strange cars on the street, a giant , customized Ford F-350 pickup and a ... up with an idea that they hoped would help promote public awareness of the situation, if not actually remove the problem.

Title:The Notorious Bacon Brothers
Author:Jerry Langton
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2013-02-15


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