The Nummo

The Nummo

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Dorey's research shows the African Dogon religion to be the oldest mythology in the world. It existed in Africa long before humans migrated to other areas. Dorey has found fragments of the Dogon religion all over the world. The Nummo, the title of the book, refers to alien beings who were considered immortal by the Dogon people. According to the Dogon, these fish and serpent like beings came to Earth from the stars. When they died and were reborn they could remember their previous existence. The Dogon elder OgotemmAoli described life and death for the amphibious Nummo as being like a snake shedding its skin. According to the Dogon, in the beginning of human existence immortality was the norm and time, as we know it, was irrelevant. This book is vital in the search for the truth about human origins.980 Enchanted Learning Ammonites 2006. subjects/dinosaurs/glossary/Ammonite.shtml 981 ... Online Field Guide Chambered Nautilus

Title:The Nummo
Author:Shannon Dorey
Publisher:Elemental Expressions Ltd. - 2013-01-01


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