The Nurse Professional

The Nurse Professional

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a€œNursing school did not adequately prepare me for this rolea€ and a€œWhy didna€™t anyone tell me about this when I was a student?a€ are commonly heard complaints from new nurses during their first two a€œrite of passagea€ years following graduation. But this transition to professional practicea€”fraught with challenges, anxiety, triumphs, and tearsa€”does not have to be so difficult. The Nurse Professional helps novices prepare for their transition into a a€œreal worlda€ role from being a student through graduation, NCLEX success, job search, first job, and beyond. It is the only book to cover all of the steps that new nurses must take to ensure a smooth transition into the professional role. The author is a nurse educator and mentor with extensive experience in recruiting and orienting nurses. Dr. Hunt is also co-founder of the Nurse Advocacy Forum, providing advocacy, support, networking, professional development, leadership, and mentoring to students and new graduate nurses. She offers sound advice regarding the most current issues facing new nurses and practical strategies for obtaining a job of onea€™s choice, describes steps to take well before graduation to ensure a smooth transition to professional practice, and addresses the various indicators of academic achievement that are required for employment at some nursing facilities. She also discusses the benefits of externships, internships, professional development, and networking, how to develop a winning portfolio, and how to successfully transition into professional practice. This book provides information on workplace bullying and how to deal with it; the importance of self-care, self-advocacy, and networking; writing a rAcsumAc; interview skills; and much more. a€œTop 10 Tipsa€ in each chapter concisely highlight important topics. Samples of useful forms and documents are available in chapter appendices. A PowerPoint presentation and templates for role play/simulation scenarios for faculty use are also available. Key Features: a€c a€œTop 10 Tipsa€ in chapters concisely highlight important topics a€c Samples of useful forms and documents are available in chapter appendices a€c Delivers specific, practical strategies and exercises for a successful transition and entry into practice a€c Written by an experienced nurse/educator and nurse mentor who has extensive experience regarding how new nurses transition into practiceYou can expect to submit the following documents: a–ia–i Application a–ia–i Cover letter (see sample in Appendix) a–ia–i RAcsumAc (see sample in Appendix) a–ia–i Detailed list of clinical rotations a–ia–i Essay (topic may be provided) a–ia–i Official transcript ... the development of a 126 II NCLEX Success and First Nursing Position.

Title:The Nurse Professional
Author:Deborah Dolan Hunt, PhD, MS, RN
Publisher:Springer Publishing Company - 2014-10-24


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