The Objects of Evidence

The Objects of Evidence

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Part of The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute Special Issue Book Series, the contributors to this volume share the conviction that anthropology can no longer afford to ignore the importance of the concept of evidence, either for the ways in which anthropologists carry out their work (methodology) or present and justify their findings (epistemology). Demonstrates that evidence is something that all anthropologists must possess Shows how the collection of evidence in the field is still, without doubt, one of the main ingredients of what Bronislaw Malinowski once referred to as a€²the ethnographer s magica€² Reveals how the concept of evidence has received little sustained attention in print especially when compared to related concepts, such as a€²fieldworka€², a€²trutha€², a€²factsa€², and a€²knowledgea€² Argued from a variety of theoretical perspectives and a rarity in its ability to orchestrate some many different and vibrant paradigms and points of viewThese thirty doctors disagreed on many points, but there were also several questions where the answers turned out to be ... Then they might say that life has always been hard, but that sensibilities have changed: Bollywood movies and TV anbsp;...

Title:The Objects of Evidence
Author:Matthew Engelke
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2009-03-30


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