The origin of competitive strength

The origin of competitive strength

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The Origin of Competitive Strength looks back on 50 years of automobile manufacturing in Japan and the United States, with special insights comparing Toyota Motor Corporation and General Motors. This work examines the mechanisms of a once-invincible U.S. automotive industry that lost its competitive edge as new Japanese companies experienced significant growth, and poses questions about the true nature of competitive strength in the auto industry and among its leading corporations. The author is a former Toyota executive.A number of owners of Toyota dealerships actually hold more than one franchise besides Toyota. ... The advent in 1993 of the right-hand-drive SUVs (sport utility vehicle) Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee boosted Chrysler sales by 130% to 13, 000 units in 1994. Prior to ... Both automatic and manual transmissions, which represent one of the main components of the Cherokee, are of Japanese make.

Title:The origin of competitive strength
Author:Akira Kawahara
Publisher:Springer Verlag - 1998


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