The Osprey Vendetta

The Osprey Vendetta

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Thomas Thorn is a rough-guy CIA agent who's been on surveillance detail in Chicago for the past forty-eight hours. He and his genius partner Irish have the eyes and ears' on a power hungry wannabe and his twenty-something mistress, when a call is intercepted. The voice on the intercept is someone codenamed the Manipulator who says the local senator will be the next resident of the White House. Thorn understands fully that he has just heard the conversation that if left unfettered will change the world. He surmises quickly that the Manipulator and his European cronies are out for world domination. They seek a new world order in which they hold all the power, but first, they need their puppet senator elected president of the United States. Unbeknownst to Thorn his talents are about to be incorporated into use by a very powerful secret organization known as The Keepers a powerful counterforce dedicated to the dreams of America's forefathers. A rocket ride of twists and bullets ensues as Thorn and team embark on their quest to stop the Manipulator's duly dispatched vile agent of death a man simply called Lyons, who has been charged with the plans to vault the puppet senator into the most powerful position in the world. Shortly after, Thorn is then called to a meeting in a small town in North Carolina where he learns of many other elements that are endangering all that America stands for. It is also at this gathering where he meets the temptress agent Vikki Gold. Three days later, after a whirlwind romance with the world-class beauty, his life is turned upside down aboard a yacht moored off of the shores of Key West. It is on board that he learns the truth about his past, the shadow life of his mom and the death of his father at the hands of Lyons. With likeness of mind, vengeance of heart, he and Vikki Gold are vaulted into action along the shores of the East Coast where every stop is a near death experience, but the steadfast goal remains the same. To stop Lyons and to save the United States by any means necessary.He then started to answer my question. a€œThorn, as I told you and Doc before, we did have an extensive surveillance operation under way in Southern Florida prior to the attacks. I also implied before that I have sworn an oath not to reveal oranbsp;...

Title:The Osprey Vendetta
Author:Trapper Pettit
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-07


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