The Other Side of the Track

The Other Side of the Track

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In a world where street racing is a lifestyle and accepted by the law, the only threat to their way of life is each other. After a devastating attempt on Ravena€™s life, he finds himself in the care of his best friend, a former girlfriend, and a loyal friend from his childhood. As his enemies make attempts on the ones he loves, Raven must find a way to protect them as he works his way up the charts. A showdown for the city begins as Raven chases after the mastermind behind it all.Lila#39; Johnny turn the key to start the engine. As he did his lights went on. ... a€œNot a problem just try to stay at the garage or ifyou must go out, do it in your Mazda Rx8 , a€ Raven told her as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Melissa smiled andanbsp;...

Title:The Other Side of the Track
Author:Driago Olinde
Publisher:Dorrance Publishing - 2014-09-15


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