The Other Women

The Other Women

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Lenore Cavanaugh is African-American, young and beautiful. Her dream is to have a sex change operation. Her family disapproves. Because of her yearning to be female, she lost friends and her romantic partner. Lenore decides to start afresh and relocates to a new community, where she makes new friends and even finds romance. Annabelle Morrison is a transsexual, who has had surgery. She lived most of her life as a straight man, a husband and father. In middle age, Annabelle became the woman she always wanted to be, but she paid a dear price for her freedom. She lost her family. Her colleagues became distant and apathetic. Jennifer Ann Hughes is a young transsexual, who has no desire to have surgery. She is quite happy having physical characteristics of a male and a female. Jennifer Ann is 'married' and is pretending to be a traditional homemaker. Her in-laws are in the dark about her true orientation. Will her shocking secret ever come out? The three women are the best of friends. They are family. They provide each other with much-needed emotional support. The Other Women is an exploration of the transsexual experience, delving into the heart and psyche of transsexual women, the rejection, the pain, the yearning. Enter the world of Lenore, Annabelle and Jennifer Ann. Get caught up in The Other Women.On the backseat of her and Maureena#39;s cars were two 32-inch TV sets, two combo VCR/DVD players, stereo equipment, boom boxes, crates containing clothes, shoes, computer equipment, small appliances, CDs, books, DVDa#39;s and her vastanbsp;...

Title:The Other Women
Author:pamela hayes
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-03-12


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