The Panathenaic Games

The Panathenaic Games

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The papers in this volume were presented at an international conference organised in Athens (May 11-14, 2004) and focus on the study of the Panathenaic Games, a Panhellenic athletic event that lasted for nearly a millennium. An international assembly of archaeologists, art historians, ancient historians, epigraphists and classical scholars contributed to the discussion of the origins and the historical development of the Panathenaic Games in general and of individual contests in particular. The role of royal and other patrons in the Hellenistic and Roman periods, as well as the form and meaning of victory dedications and other monuments generated by the games were also examined, making this a truly interdisciplinary study into this fascinating event. Two papers are in Greek. qThis handsomely-illustrated conference volume is the first to concentrate exclusively on the games.q Jackson, Journal of Hellenic Studies qA handsome, well-illustrated, large-format volume of the proceeding, mostly in English, of a conference held in Athens in 2004 in connection with the modern Olympics.q - Tsetskhladze, Ancient West a EastSome vase paintings of board game scenes a€“ as on the Exekias amphora in the Vatican a€“ carry inscribed numbers.37 It is therefore ... which is transmitted through Beda Venerabilis about A.D. 725.39 The fingers of one hand can count up to ten: a€œIf you want to count one, ... reconstructed in the following way: each player held his right hand behind his back and stretched out an optional number of fingers.

Title:The Panathenaic Games
Author:Olga Palagia, Alkestis Spetsieri-Choremi
Publisher:Oxbow Books - 2015-02-26


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