The Paranoid's Pocket Guide

The Paranoid's Pocket Guide

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Are you worried sick? If not, maybe you should be. Because a pair of drawstring sweatpants could bring about your most embarrassing moment. And a toothpick in your sandwich can be the deadliest of weapons. Including hundreds of bizarre-but-true things that can get you, this compact volume will induce nervous page flipping and make even the most snug and secure folks bona fide paranoiacs. Chilling black and white photographs document the everyday items that menace your safety. But whether it's archibutyrophobia (the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth) or phobophobia (the fear of fear itself) that eventually gets you, don't be afraid to buy this book. You never know what might happen to you if you don't.A remote keyless entry device lets you unlock your car door at a distance With the click of a button, but someone With a receiver can pick up the signal your keyless remote sends, record it, and resend it later to unlock your car. Sonmfii7inflhonanbsp;...

Title:The Paranoid's Pocket Guide
Author:Cameron Tuttle
Publisher:Chronicle Books - 2012-08-03


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