The Parents’ and Educators’ Manual of Teenage “Rebirth”

The Parents’ and Educators’ Manual of Teenage “Rebirth”

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Adolescence marks a special and unique stage in human growth and development, but it can be an extremely challenging time for both parents and teenagers. In The Parentsa€™ and Educatorsa€™ Manual of Teenage a€œRebirth, a€ author Bruce G. Bentley provides an understanding of how teenagers think, feel, and experience themselves in relation to others and the world with the goal of assisting them in their battle to master adolescence. To help those caring for teens gain a greater understanding of child and adolescent psychology, Bentley applies principles of those disciplines, along with psychologically pertinent literature, to real-life stories of puberty, bullying, aggressive behavior, abuse, and suicide. This manual provides parents and educators with effective tools to understand, inform, challenge, and guide teens through adolescence so they can develop an independent and strengthened adulthood. It also offers teens a descriptive road map of what they can expect and what they can do to help ease anxieties and fears as they encounter life's uncertainties; it helps them to be better prepared for the changes or qrebirthsq into new realms of relationships and responsibilities. The Parentsa€™ and Educatorsa€™ Manual of Teenage a€œRebirtha€ aims to ease the journey through the dark, mysterious, and wonderful world of adolescenceAm with its joys and strugglesAmand beyond.Of average height and weight, Rafael wore a short sleeve T-shirt, baggy pants, and gym shoes. Tattoos signifying gang ... Rafael was in a state of rage, and he brandished a brown, metal folding chair, prepared for battle. In that moment, Rafaelanbsp;...

Title:The Parents’ and Educators’ Manual of Teenage “Rebirth”
Author:Bruce G. Bentley
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-10-17


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