The Parowan Gap

The Parowan Gap

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Parowan Gap in Southwestern Utah is perhaps the most concentrated collection of ancient Native American petroglyphs in the west, with over 90 panels and 1500 figures. It is heavily visited and world famous for its many intriguing petroglyphs that until now have been an unsolved mystery.In 1993, noted archaeologist Garth Norman began the Parowan Gap Archaeology Project. His earth-shaking discoveries have challenged previoulsy held ideas about the Fremont culture and way of life.Norman's breakthrough of how to read the code of the Gap rock art has enabled him to prove that the Fremont culture was far more sophisticated than was previously known, and had distant trade contacts as far away as Mesoamerica. among his most exciting discoveries is the sacred Mesoamerican calendar within a Fremont lunar-solar calendar. Norman also discovered a massive world-class temple center and calendar observatory-- and more!This book with its facinating, cutting-edge study of the Parowan Gap is unvaluable for anyone interested in North American archaeology.Naturea#39;s Perfect Observatory: Sun, Moon, Venus, Polaris, and Constellations: A Self-Guided Tour Book V. Garth Norman ... This was a special revelation of the site plan for it brought the Polaris cosmic center of the universe into the Gap micro-cosmic temple ... ritual azimuth that splits the year along the summer cross- quarter shift axis and 260-day calendar axis, as viewed from Cairns Bl and B2 which areanbsp;...

Title:The Parowan Gap
Author:V. Garth Norman
Publisher:Cedar Fort - 2007-01-01


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