The Passion Premise

The Passion Premise

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The Passion Premise is the third book in Bill Reamera€™s The Dates, Scott Mountain trilogy. The storyline picks up after Ian Scotta€™s passing in Seattle. Choices, consequences, actions, and reactions lead the characters on a thrilling, if not an outright dangerous, journey. Along the journey, the next generation is forced to mature rapidly as they are confronted with matters from the past. Though not totally chained to historical events, they are not totally free from them either. The past inhibits their future and decisions must be made and the consequences of those decisions endured. In the end it gets down to either choosing a life driven by passion with all of its accompanying precipitous peaks and valleys, or a more bland, lethargic, rudderless existence totally driven by the whim of external uncontrollable forces. The traditional themes of a€œmore is expecteda€ and a€œthe right thing to do is the right thing to do no matter the costa€ reverberate throughout the storyline but the phenomena of living a life with passion is the dominant message explored. The Passion Premise completes the series of these books that began almost ten years ago, or perhaps . . .a€œMaybe more scouting than fishing, but something like that.a€ a€œI could rent ... I actually came all the way back into the marina on the trolling motor from four or five miles out. I had engine problems, but the trolling motor got me in just fine.a€ a€œ Soundsanbsp;...

Title:The Passion Premise
Author:Bill Reamer
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-07-29


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