The Passionate Intellect

The Passionate Intellect

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Ian Kidd, of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, has long been known as a world-class scholar of ancient philosophy and of Posidonius, in particular. Through his long struggle with the fragments of Posidonius, Kidd has done more than any other scholar of ancient philosophy to dispel the myth of qPan-Posidonianism.q He has presented a clearer picture of the Posidonius to whom we may have access. The bulk of this volume is built around the theme of Kidd's own inaugural lecture at St. Andrews, qThe Passionate Intellect.q Many of the contributions follow this theme through by examining how individual people and texts influenced the direction of various traditions. Many of the papers naturally concentrate on ancient philosophy and its legacy. Others deal with ancient literary theory, history, poetry, and drama. Most of the papers deal with their subjects at some length and are significant contributions in their own right.Essays on the Transformation of Classical Traditions : Presented to Professor I.G. Kidd Lewis Ayres, Ian Gray Kidd ... 8aiu6viov is a€” notwithstanding Proclusa#39; elaborate classification of 8aiuoveq in general (71.1-73.6 S.) a€” an example of the personal, ... The belief that Socratesa#39; sign was an allotted guardian spirit a€” at once a synthesis with certain Platonic views about ... 86.6-9 S., esp. 8-9 Kevov dvdnXaana tf|v 8aiuoviav xocurnv eivai voua^ovteq e7tivoiav; Plu. Mor. 580c; Joseph. Ap.

Title:The Passionate Intellect
Author:Lewis Ayres, Ian Gray Kidd
Publisher:Transaction Publishers - 1995-01-01


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