The Penguin Guide to Winning on the Stock Market

The Penguin Guide to Winning on the Stock Market

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A comprehensive guide to understanding the stock market To the uninitiated, the stock market can appear a forbidding place where years of savings can be wiped out overnight. Yet, for the informed investor, it is one of the most effective ways to increasing wealth. In this accessible guide, Ashu Dutt, author of a€˜The Penguin Guide to Personal Financea€™, provides expert advice on how the stock market works, what shares are all about and what the wise investor should look out for. Drawing upon his years of experience as a broker and an investment adviser, he offers a fresh perspective on the inner workings of the Indian stock market. But, most important, he informs the reader of winning strategiesa€”the tools, weapons and intelligence needed to navigate the market. The book covers, among the other topics, a€c Market mechanics a€c How the price of a stock is determined a€c Tools of the trade a€c Stock market indices a€c Developing an investment philosophy a€c What kind of stocks to pick. Extremely reader friendly, this book should enable even a layman investor to rub shoulders confidently with the bulls and the bears of the stock market.Leta#39;s see what happens when you react to news without looking at its implications , getting the full picture or without analysing its ... The market, already spooked by expectations of a tax on software (since most software companies still deriveanbsp;...

Title:The Penguin Guide to Winning on the Stock Market
Author:Ashu Dutt
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2001-01-01


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