The People Below the Stairs

The People Below the Stairs

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She had a hard life. She'd earned her rewards. And she wasn't bothering anybody. What was so awful about that? Poor, unloved, overlooked, 31-year-old Rebecca Brown suddenly inherits $80, 000 and the chance to live like a queen, but her peculiar new neighbors are determined to keep her in her place. Why hadn't they allowed her one tiny moment of triumph. Why did they think they wouldn't have to pay?Never got into debt, scrimped and saved, ate the same boxed pizza day after day, and bought a cheap little used Honda with cash, put her money in the bank and delayed gratification. ... Andafter three years all she had was 15K in savings.

Title:The People Below the Stairs
Author:Brenda Paske
Publisher:iUniverse - 2001-05-29


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