The Pescetarian Plan

The Pescetarian Plan

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With more than 100 mouthwatering recipes, switching to a vegetable- and seafood-based diet has never been easier, healthiera€”or more delicious! You can go vegetarian to slim down, help reduce your risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease, feel great, and probably live longer. Or you can eat fish to help protect your heart, quell appetite, stay sharp, be happier, and even have better skin. (You read that right!) Better yet, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with The Pescetarian Plana€”a delicious, easy-to-follow, one-of-a-kind program for weight loss and optimal physical and mental well-being. Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean way of eating (a€œpescea€ is the Italian word for a€œfish, a€ and a€œpescaa€ is Spanish for a€œfishing, a€ thus the alternate spelling a€œpescatariana€), veteran nutritionist Janis Jibrin, M.S., R.D., offers step-by-step portion- and meal-planning instructions, including a wide variety of quick and easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes to help you meet your weight-loss and health goals. She shares her deep knowledge of the science behind the healthiest diet on the planet, deftly explaining the amazing potential benefits of eating the pescetarian waya€”including whittling your waist, reducing chronic inflammation, preventing arterial plaque, and possibly warding off Alzheimera€™s. She also breaks down the latest information about mercury, overfishing, and the environmental impact of your ingredient choices. With Chef Sidra Formana€™s expert guidance, youa€™ll become confident in the kitchena€”fish and other types of seafood are much easier to prepare (and much harder to mess up!) than you may think. And the mouthwatering recipes and photosa€”including Broiled Trout with Preserved Lemon and Thyme, Grilled Shrimp with Peach BBQ Sauce, Roasted Chick Pea Snacks, Blueberries Baked with Sweet Cream, and Chocolate Cupcakes with Mint Icinga€”give you options the whole family will love. Quite Possibly the Healthiest Eating Style on the Planet! On the Pescetarian Diet you will: a€c See inches around the waist disappear a€c Feel more active and productive a€c Fill your plate with the best, most nutritious food a€c Stop counting caloriesa€”ita€™s all in the portions a€c Go at your own pace: start slowly or dive right in a€c Really enjoy your food and its many benefits Praise for The Pescetarian Plan a€œThe [recipes] in this book are designed to leverage both science and satisfaction.a€a€”The Washington Post a€œInformative and inspiring . . . [includes] 100 approachable recipes.a€a€”Publishers Weekly a€œGreat for your overall health, longevity, and waistline!a€a€”Bob Greene, author of The Best Life Diet a€œThis life-changing diet will help improve your health and longevity. The easy-to-follow recipes and step-by-step instructions make adopting the plan simple and delicious. It is a must-read if you are committed to embracing a healthier lifestyle.a€a€”Rebecca Reeves, Dr.P.H., former president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics a€œBetter sex through diet? Yes! In addition to weight loss and brain and heart health, thata€™s one of the impressive benefits of this vegetarian-plus-seafood diet. Furthermore, ita€™s well-researched, approachable, sustainable, and delicious!a€a€”Brandi Koskie, director of publishing at From the Hardcover edition.workxalways have a Plan B. If the most time-pressed people can do it, so can you ! Even new moms ... (Bobhasbeen spotted running up and down the stairwells of hotels for exercise ashis Plan B.) ... a stationary bike orevena recumbent bike.

Title:The Pescetarian Plan
Author:Janis Jibrin, Sidra Forman
Publisher:Ballantine Books - 2014-03-11


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