The Phisher's Guide To The Internet

The Phisher's Guide To The Internet

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Maybe you work with web designers or programmers and want to understand more. Perhaps you're getting into web technology and want to know some of the different areas you can work in. Or maybe you just want to know more about the internet in general. The Phishers Guide To The Internet is an introductory book to help readers gain a basic understanding of different internet technologies. From web browsing and email technology to servers and languages, you will walk away with a basic understanding of how certain technologies function and their role in making the internet what it is. Get your knowledge on with an easy to read, insightful ebook written with the beginner in mind.If I come to your house and you give me your wifi password, I am then partof your network. ... youwith bettersecurity, so checkfor that feature ifyou planon letting those youmight notfully trustinto your network. (Just think ofall the things I might find poking around your computer during that a€œbathroom breaka€ if Igot access.) Thereanbsp;...

Title:The Phisher's Guide To The Internet
Author:Kray Mitchell
Publisher:Kray Mitchell - 2014-12-15


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