The Photochemistry of Atmospheres

The Photochemistry of Atmospheres

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The Photochemistry of Atmospheres: Earth, the Other Planets, and Comets discusses the photochemical and chemical processes in atmospheres This book focuses on the eartha€™s atmosphere in the past, present, and future, atmospheres of other planets and their satellites, and comets. General topics in atmospheric photochemistry, such as composition and structure, transfer of incoming solar radiation, and principles governing the rates of photochemical and chemical processes are also elaborated. This text also covers the role of eddy and molecular transport and continuity-transport equation used in theoretical numerical modeling studies. This publication is recommended for advanced-level courses in the atmospheric and planetary sciences, as well as reference for those interested in learning about atmospheric/climatic environmental problems, their causes and consequences, and discoveries concerning the atmospheres of neighboring worlds.Solar ultraviolet fluxr Solar ultraviolet fluxa#39; Wavelength 17 May 1982 15 July 1980 12 January 1983 Wavelength 17 May 1982 15 ... 113 108 111 3000a€”3010 610 567 656 LSZ 2560a€”2570 136 142 134 3010a€”3020 682 666 638 2570a€”2580.

Title:The Photochemistry of Atmospheres
Author:Joel Levine
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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