The Piano Professor Easy Piano Study

The Piano Professor Easy Piano Study

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Hi my name is Ken Davis, Author of qThe Piano Professor Easy Piano Study.q I am a professional working musician and have been in the music business for over 20 years. I have taught thousands of students to play the piano. The secret is my non-traditional approach. I realize that the average adult does not have 10 years to spare in order to sit down and study traditional piano. Let's face it. It takes literally years of practice and discipline to learn to play traditional piano. I take an accelerated approach in my book teaching you to play what everyone ultimately wants to learn, HOW TO PLAY REAL CHORDS AND SONGS QUICKLY. In my book I include tons of picture diagrams and charts showing you exactly where to place your hands on the piano keyboard. I will show you both LEFT AND RIGHT HAND POSITIONS. Over 200 pages of Diagrams and Charts. Learn to Play the Piano in only 10 days instead of 10 years.... F Gbdim C C9 F6 Gbdim C Am Dm7 G9 C C9 FMaj7 Em7 A9 Dm7 G9 C G6 G Abdim Am D9 G9 C6 C9 F Gbdim C C9 F6 Gbdim C Am Dm7 G9 C G9 C6 IMaj7 vim7 iiim7 I7 IVMaj7 IMaj7 IVMaj7 ivm7 IMaj7 VI7. 178 Frosty The Snowman (C)

Title:The Piano Professor Easy Piano Study
Author:Kenneth Davis - 2006-11


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