The Pioneers

The Pioneers

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The first of the five Leatherstocking Tales, The Pioneers is perhaps the most realistic and beautiful of the series. Drawing on his own experiences, Cooper brilliantly describes Frontier life, providing a fascinating backdrop to the real heart of the novel--the competing claims to land ownership of Native Americans and settlers. This edition follows the publication of The Last of the Mohicans in the World's Classics series and uses the standard text approved by the Modern Language Association. Quotes from the book: a€œThe ministry proffered various civil offices which yielded not only honor but profit; but he declined them all, with the chivalrous independence and loyalty that had marked his character through life. The veteran soon caused this set of patriotic disinterestedness to be followed by another of private munificence, that, however little it accorded with prudence, was in perfect conformity with the simple integrity of his own views.a€ a€œThe eyes of his auditors involuntarily met; and, if the color that gathered over the face of Elizabeth was contradicted by the cold expression of her eye, the ambiguous smile that again played about the lips of the stranger seemed equally to deny the probability of his consenting to form one of this family group. The scene was one, however, which might easily warm a heart less given to philanthropy than that of Marmaduke Temple.a€ a€œTime and practice did wonders for the physician. He was naturally humane, but possessed of no small share of moral courage; or, in other words, he was chary of the lives of his patients, and never tried uncertain experiments on such members of society as were considered useful; but, once or twice, when a luckless vagrant had come under his care, he was a little addicted to trying the effects of every phial in his saddle-bags on the strangers constitution.a€ Readers' reviews: a€œThe Pioneers was a very good read. I enjoyed the history and love for nature that Cooper expresses through his characters. Some parts dragged on, but he was very detailed. If you have seen the movie or read the book, The Last of the Mohicans, I definitely suggest this book because they both have many similarities dealing with the development of society for Indians and the rest of the country.a€ (Tonya Heiman, a€œOnce you get beyond the overly descriptive and romanticized language of Fenimore Cooper's novel, it's actually a really interesting tale about new born America and it's relationship not only with the natives but with each other.a€ (Rachel, a€œI've read this book twice. Cooper really knows how to paint a scene on the mind.a€ (Carl Purdon, thirst sfier knowledge, that is called curiosity. I shall believe him to he the child of Corn-stalk, or Corn-planter, or some other renowned ehiefiain ; possibly of the Big Snake himself; and as] treat him a such until be m fit to. 231 rust-P10 Nissan.

Title:The Pioneers
Author:J.F. Cooper
Publisher:Рипол Классик - 1888*


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