The Polaris Protocol

The Polaris Protocol

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Taskforce operators Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are used to putting their lives at risk, but this time ita€™s Jennifera€™s brother who is in danger. As an investigative reporter working on the Mexican drug cartels, Jack Cahill has unknowingly gotten caught between two rival groups. His desperate call to his sister is his last before hea€™s kidnapped. In their efforts to rescue Jack, Pike and Jennifer uncover a plot much more insidious than illegal drug traffickinga€”the cartel that put a target on Jacka€™s back has discovered a GPS hack with the power to effectively debilitate the United States. With the GPS hack about to be exploited and Jacka€™s life at stake, Jennifer and Pike must find a way to eliminate the impending threat. The price of failure, for both the Taskforce and the country, is higher than ever.Asforthe Cloud, Ia#39;mindebted to Mike, anold 1/75 Ranger thatImet under bad circumstances at Arlington, during a funeral fora mutual friend. ... national forests a€”no smallchore, andpossibly another booka€”and was more than willingto give me a town thatcould potentially host the Cloud in Utah.I gave himmy parameters, and he gave me aname (by text while he was out in the woodson an operation, no less), anbsp;...

Title:The Polaris Protocol
Author:Brad Taylor
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-01-14


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