The Postcatastrophe Economy

The Postcatastrophe Economy

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How government and business can work together to secure our economic future. The 2008 crisis was just the beginning; according to sought-after analyst Eric Janszen, an even bigger financial catastrophe is imminent. Inclined to disbelieve him? He predicted the last two busts months before they happened. Our problems, according to Janszen, are rooted in the flaws of the debt-driven FIRE economy (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate). Applying the tried-andtrue methods of currency depreciation, tax and interest rate cuts, and fiscal stimulus will not work this time around. The only way out is to change our fundamental approach. The solution is to use private and public monies to develop major for- profit transportation, energy, and communications infrastructure projects. These projects will spark employment and growth, reduce U.S. dependence on foreign energy and our foreign debt, and improve the efficiency of the economy for all growth industries in the twenty-first century. This thought-provoking book offers solutions for a more sustainable and stable economic future.time, in 1965, the year after the first Mustang rolled off the line. Say you pull up in front of the Ford Motor company head-quarters in Dearborn, Michigan, and ask employees walking outside what they think of it. ... The LED taillights on curved acrylic that wrap around the back of the car and last longer than the car itself.

Title:The Postcatastrophe Economy
Author:Eric Janszen
Publisher:Penguin - 2010-09-02


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