The PowerPC Architecture

The PowerPC Architecture

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This is a technical description of the PowerPC architecture and its hardware conventions, developed jointly by IBM, Motorola, and Apple. The book is a reference for hardware and system-software designers and applications programmers developing products using implementations of the PowerPC family of microprocessors-from palmtops to teraFLOPS.Load a 16-bit signed immediate value into register Rx: li Rx, value (equivalent to: addi Rx, 0, value) Load a 16-bit signed immediate ... to be loaded into register Rx. la Rx, v (equivalent to: addi Rx, Rv, Dv) Move Register Several PowerPC instructions can be coded in a way ... Rx, Ry, Ry) Little-Endian Byte Ordering It is computed that eleven Thousand Persons Book I PowerPC User Instruction Set Architectureanbsp;...

Title:The PowerPC Architecture
Author:Cathy May
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann Pub - 1994-01-01


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