The Press in American Politics, 1787-2012

The Press in American Politics, 1787-2012

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The Press In American Politics, 1787a€“2012 supplies a far-reaching and fast-moving historical narrative of the decisive and defining moments in U.S. politics as told through the history of America's press, beginning from the emergence of the press in American politics during the 1787 Constitutional Convention through to 21st-century campaigning that utilize qbig dataq and harness the power of social networking. Suitable for general readers with an interest in the history of American elections and political campaigns and students and academic scholars studying the press and American politics, the book tells the story of qthe pressqa€”collectively, some of the most familiar institutions in American news, broadcasting, and technologya€”as a defining part of America's elections, political parties, and political life. Author Patrick Novotny examines topics such as the expansion of the press into the Western territories and states in the early 19th century, the growing independence of the press after the Civil War, the early history of wireless communication, the emergence of radio and television as powerful media, and the daunting challenges newspapers face in the Internet era.a€œThe weakest thing about the prospering U.S. television industry is its broadcast signals, a€ Time magazine reported on ... The adoption of cable and other subscription services soon offered the beginnings of a shift in the interplay betweenanbsp;...

Title:The Press in American Politics, 1787-2012
Author:Patrick Novotny
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2014-10-14


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