The Private Practice of Michael Shayne

The Private Practice of Michael Shayne

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For the sake of his friends, Mike Shayne tangles with blackmailersa€”and a murderer The day he met Phyllis Brighton, Mike Shayne saved her from jumping out a windowa€” and he has been rescuing her ever since. First he helped her beat a murder wrap; now hea€™s trying to pry her away from the sleaziest lawyer in Dade County: Harry Grange. A mouthpiece for every crook in Miami, Grange is running a blackmail racket when Shayne sees him with Phyllis on his arm at a local gambling hall. Shayne warns his friend to ditch her crooked beau, but she is too proud to take his advice. Unfortunately for her, the relationship will end with murder. Shayne gets the call just after he gets back to his office. Harry Grange has been found dead on the sands of Miami Beach. Even worse, Shaynea€™s gun is missing and his friend Larry Kincaid may have used it to gun down the blackmailing lawyer. To save his friends, Mike Shayne will have to outsmart the cleverest killer in town.a€œI made no such statement in my affidavit to the police. I merely ... Because youa#39;ve got all the money in the world you think you can hire saps to pull your chestnuts out of the fire, and if they get burned, you figure ita#39;s their hard luck. You dona#39;t pullanbsp;...

Title:The Private Practice of Michael Shayne
Author:Brett Halliday
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2015-06-16


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