The Pro Se Attorney Manual

The Pro Se Attorney Manual

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This manual is a how to blueprint for anyone who has had a legal and or systematic problem and all others doors of positive action were closed to them; and they did not know who to talk to or they had very little knowledge of what to do next. The greatest frustration which one can be faced with is to be confronted with a legal and or systematic problem and your lawyer(s) take your hard earned money and sell you and your case down the drain. This Manual contains systematic trade secrets which have been accumulated over the years; the techniques are tried and proven. There is one point that I must stress to the Pro Se attorney; you must remember that you are your own attorney and that you are entitled to all of the rights and privileges and courtesies which are given to the opposing attorney.In this manual; I shall attempt to list a few which have been successful for me and others. ... Be strong like the lion and cunning like the fox. 2. Trust no one. 3. Form coalitions but when they no longer serve your purpose; break them. ... Danny sued in federal Court for unjust job termination when he filed his lawsuit he had several witnesses who worked on the job who stated that they James Reedom wouldanbsp;...

Title:The Pro Se Attorney Manual
Author:James Reedom
Publisher: - 2005-02-01


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