The Psychology of Lean Improvements

The Psychology of Lean Improvements

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Fear of changea€”we all experience it. Some accept change immediately, some gradually adapt, while others may never get there. Whether ita€™s poor leadership, the inability to change, or pure ego, this Shingo Prize-winning book explores this perplexing commitment to inefficiency. Winner of a 2013 Shingo Prize!/strong The Psychology of Lean Improvements: Why Organizations Must Overcome Resistance and Change the Culture examines the psychology behind why businesses avoid Lean transformations. It investigates why businesses cling to the eight deadly wastes and why they still find ways to place continuous improvement on the back burner. Frequently sought out for his expertise in Lean manufacturing, Chris Ortiz has been featured in a number of trade publications and on the television show Inside Business with Fred Thompson. In this book, Mr. Ortiz breaks down the fear of change within executives and organizational leaders. He examines the psychology of dysfunction, provides insight into why so many businesses fall short in creating visions for growth and prosperity, and identifies tools that can help you address resistance to change. Detailing implementation techniques with a proven track record for success, the book considers specific strategies that can be helpful towards improving your company and changing its culturea€”including cellular manufacturing, total productive maintenance, setup reduction, Kanban, visual communication, and in-line production. It explains how to get started on your Lean transformation, describes why an economic downturn might be a good time to embrace Lean, and warns of the dangers behind failing to do so. STRONGChris A. Ortiz is the founder and president of Kaizen Assembly, a Lean manufacturing training and implementation firm in Bellingham, Washington. Watch Chris has being interviewed on Inside Business with Fred Thompson on CNN Headline News. ( tory.that.accumulated,, .handled. safely, .the.customer.does.not.change.its.order ... In, .we.use.a.similar.model.of.over- production.and. false.sense.of.flow. ... Honda.Civic, .a.2001.Chrysler.Town.and. Country.van.with. a.sliding.door, 4.A— 4.pickup.

Title:The Psychology of Lean Improvements
Author:Chris A. Ortiz
Publisher:CRC Press - 2012-04-09


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