The Pursuit of Man

The Pursuit of Man

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Sometimes we can know a story so well that we tend to focus on events rather than on the people around whom those events occur. While the events are important, of course, we cannot know their full importance if we do not understand those involved. In The Pursuit of Man: A Fun Journey through Goda€™s Word, Revealing the Evidence of Goda€™s Pursuit of Us, author Matthew Rings explores the lives of people in the book of Genesis. He offers ways to block out memories of what happens next and read each chapter of Genesis with a fresh set of eyes. This allows for a closer focus on how God moves in his peoplea€™s lives. Those who may have once been thought of as characters can become real people with real lives. The Bible is Goda€™s story of how he loves us and how he is intimately involved in our lives. The Pursuit of Man seeks to help us apply Goda€™s Word to our lives. Savor the atmosphere, lives, culture, customs, and geography of Goda€™s people of Genesis. Watch and see how Goda€™s plan of redemption explodes off the pages as God pursues his people.And the funny thing is about 5 months back we were doing the same thing reading through Genesis together and it was her day to read ... he was sitting on the couch playing Xbox and his wife was trying to have a conversation with him about what to name the boy. His response was a€œErrra€ and before he could complete his sentence a€œErrr, I dona#39;t know, whatever you want honey, let me finish this one game.

Title:The Pursuit of Man
Author:Matthew Rings
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2012-09


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