The Qis Mock Survey Guide

The Qis Mock Survey Guide

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The QIS Mock Survey Guide Frosini Rubertino, RN, CRNA C, C-NE, CDONA /LTC, CPRA What could be better than knowing what's wrong BEFORE a survey? qThe QIS Mock Survey Guideq helps you develop a survey team, conduct a mock survey, and ultimately test your facility's survey-readiness. The best way to be prepared for a Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) is to know what you should expect. The only true way to gain that knowledge is to conduct mock surveys using the actual materials used by surveyors in the field. The new HCPro resource qThe QIS Mock Survey Guideq is a book and CD-ROM that provides you with a step-by-step outline of what happens during a survey under the revised process. It simplifies the differences between the traditional survey and the QIS and provides educational tools to complete the survey process. This solution-based guide: Includes an overview of the QIS and how to transition into the QIS from the traditional survey process Offers instructions on how to perform both Stage I and Stage II of the QIS at your organization Provides a detailed outline of everything you need to do to prepare before the arrival of surveyors Includes case studies that look at five separate instances where facilities were found deficient under F-tags 329, 309, 314, 323, and 505 Outlines the best way to develop a survey team, conduct a mock survey, and troubleshoot any potential problems Contains the actual forms and worksheets used by surveyors in the field today Each tool below is included in the book and on the companion CD-ROM: APPENDIX A: Entrance conference forms Task 1 Worksheets CMS-20044 Offsite Survey Preparation Worksheet Task 2 Worksheets CMS-20045 Entrance Conference (team copy) CMS-20046 Entrance Conference (facility copy) CMS-672 Resident Census and Condition Report CMS Quality Indicator Survey Demonstration Project brochure APPENDIX B: Stage I Forms and Worksheets Task 3 Initial Tour Worksheet CMS-807 Surveyor Notes Worksheet Task 4 Worksheets CMS-20047 Admission Sample Record Review CMS-20048 Census Sample Record Review CMS-20049 Family Interview CMS-20050 Resident Interview and Resident Observation CMS-20051 Staff Interview Task 5 Facility Level Worksheets CMS-20052 Liability Notice and Beneficiary Appeal Rights (Demand Billing) CMS-20053 Dining Observation CMS-20054 Infection Control and Immunizations CMS-20055 Kitchen and Food Service Observation CMS-20056 Medication Administration Observation and Drug Storage CMS-20057 Resident Council President/Representative Interview CMS-20058 Quality Assurance a Assessment Review Task 5 Triggered Task Worksheets CMS-20059 Abuse Prohibition Review CMS-20060 Admit, Transfer, Discharge Review CMS-20061 Environmental Observation CMS-20062 Sufficient Nursing Staff Review CMS-20063 Personal Funds Review CMS-20084 Cognitive Performance Scale Calculator APPENDIX C: Stage II Worksheets: Critical Element Pathways (CEs) and Unnecessary Drug Review Worksheet Task 6 and 7 Worksheets CMS-20065 Activities CMS-20066 ADL-ROM CMS-20067 Behavioral/Emotional CMS-20068 Bowel/Bladder/Catheter CMS-20069 Communication/Sensory problems CMS-20070 Dental CMS-20071 Dialysis CMS-20072 General CMS-20073 Hospice CMS-20074 Hospital death CMS-20075 Nutrition/Hydration/Tube Feeding CMS-20076 Pain Management CMS-20077 Physical Restraints CMS-20078 Pressure Ulcers CMS-20079 Psych meds CMS-20080 Rehabilitation CMS-20081 Ventilator CMS-20082 Unnecessary Drugs Stage II care area investigation keyAPPENDIX D: Quality of Care Indicators (QCI) and mappings Quality of Care Indicators and Facility Level Tasks by Care Areas Quality of Care Indicators Mapped to Care Areas Quality of Care Indicators - mapping to F tags Quality of Care Indicators by data source F tags to Care Areas to Critical Element Pathways Table of Contents: Introduction: The Long Term Care Survey: The Big Picture Types of Surveys Scope and Severity of Findings Transitioning to QIS Survey Process Overview of the QIS Process Goal and Benefit of a Quality Indicator Mock Survey Review of the Quality Measures/Quality Indicators (QM/QI) Review of the Oscar 3 Report Let's Get Started: Begin With First Things First Using Your Regulation Manual as a Resource Glossary of Terms Task 1: Off Site Survey Preparation and Initial Sampling Task 2: On Site Survey Activities and Entrance Conference Task 3: Initial Tour Task 4: Stage I Survey Tasks Task 5: Facility Level Survey Tasks Task 6: Transition from Stage I to Stage II Task 7: Stage II Survey Tasks Task 8: Analysis and Decision Making Task 9: Exit Conference Case Studies Regulatory Groupings This resource is organized by task so you can find what you need FAST!aquot;The QIS Mock Survey Guideaquot; is a book and CD-ROM package that provides you with a step-by-step outline of what happens during a survey under the revised process.

Title:The Qis Mock Survey Guide
Author:Frosini Rubertino
Publisher:Hcpro, a Division of Blr - 2009-09


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