The Quote Manual

The Quote Manual

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THE TROUBLE WITH QUOTE BOOKS, to paraphrase something Napoleon once said about books in general, is that in them one has to read so many bad quotes to find some that are really good. Most authors of quote books include in their pages numerous forgettable quotes among the few that are really worth remembering. Not so with this quote book. This book is an unpadded collection of carefully selected quotes. Each quote is guaranteed to cause the reader to think, learn, grow or, in some cases, laugh. Open this book to any page and you will find selected gems of the spoken and written word that you will use again and again. It is a comprehensive resource that will give you an appropriate quote for almost any subject you want to address in your speaking or writing. Bob Moscatelli is a 1958 graduate of West Point. He accumulated the quotes in this book over a fifty-year period which included twenty-six years as a career Army officer, eight as a financial programmer and four in politics. He is also the author of Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, a book on the fundamentals of personal finance. This book is an ideal gift for readers of all ages. Buy a copy for yourself and for everyone you care about who will appreciate a useful gift that will have a beneficial influence on his or her life for years to come.a€œWhen my love tells me she is made of truth, I do believe her, though I know she lies.a€ William Shakespeare English ... way to keep onea#39;s word is not to give it.a€ Napoleon Emperor of France a€œThe louder he talked on his honor, the faster we 52 .

Title:The Quote Manual
Author:Robert G. Moscatelli
Publisher:Author House - 2005-07-15


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