The R Primer

The R Primer

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Newcomers to R are often intimidated by the command-line interface, the vast number of functions and packages, or the processes of importing data and performing a simple statistical analysis. The R Primer provides a collection of concise examples and solutions to R problems frequently encountered by new users of this statistical software. Rather than explore the many options available for every command as well as the ever-increasing number of packages, the book focuses on the basics of data preparation and analysis and gives examples that can be used as a starting point. The numerous examples illustrate a specific situation, topic, or problem, including data importing, data management, classical statistical analyses, and high-quality graphics production. Each example is self-contained and includes R code that can be run exactly as shown, enabling results from the book to be replicated. While base R is used throughout, other functions or packages are listed if they cover or extend the functionality. After working through the examples found in this text, new users of R will be able to better handle data analysis and graphics applications in R. Additional topics and R code are available from the booka€™s supporting website at write.csv function creates a delimited file, and the function works in the same way as write.table. Actually ... Problem: You have an R data frame and want to export it to a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice/OpenOffice Calc.

Title:The R Primer
Author:Claus Thorn Ekstrom
Publisher:CRC Press - 2011-08-29


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