The Rainbreaker

The Rainbreaker

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You just watched the 6 o'clock news. Now ask yourself, qWhen is God going to throw in the towel?q God came close once before: The Flood of Genesis. And John, in the last book of the Bible, wrote the newscast for the Armageddon. So where do we stand right now? Steve Simon doesn't presume to know. After all, he's an agnostic. But he does choose to believe in God. However, he's losing his faith in man. On the other hand, he hasn't lost his sense of humor and he has a cat to guide him through the hard times. Makes sense. The Rainbreaker is a fable that attacks some tough moral issues with a lot of good-natured fun. Lest you think that the author is poking fun at God, rest assured. God always comes out on top. It's qstupid human tricksq (such as the failure of nearly all human institutions) that convince Steve Simon that God will not destroy the world but simply replace humans with animals. Or something like that. Adults who've enjoyed qMarley a Meq and the satire of Amrose Bierce, P.J. O'Rourke, and Chris Buckley will laugh out loud at this genre-bender with a message.The Scion Kingalt;bragt; 2. ... that would bethe downfall of man andyet something roaches could use to great personal advantage just as Deus Pere had planned. ... which iPod/personal desk organizer/menu (food) display/DS La€”cable/ minicoolerfreezer combo was circuited to the central trunk power module of the Great Tree.

Title:The Rainbreaker
Author:Steve Simon
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-07-02


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