The Real Life 101 Handbook

The Real Life 101 Handbook

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There are many people that believe our education system is in trouble. As we compare test scores to other countries around the world, it appears we are not adequately preparing our children for the future. But this in only part of the problem because a lot of what kids need to know about the qreal worldq is not even discussed in school. Most high school students that are fast approaching graduation are not aware yet of the challenges they will face. They simply dona€™t know what they dona€™t know. They have spent 12 years being a€œeducateda€ but will soon find out that they do not have all the tools needed to succeed in life. When they purchase their first car, they will not use Algebra but they will need to understand the Time Value of Money equation to calculate the payments. Who teaches them that in school? The average American has around $8, 500 in outstanding credit card debt. The 2007-2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis demonstrated how much more we all need to learn about home mortgages and our personal finances. This is why this book is so important. The Real Life 101 Handbook is a beginners guide to the world of personal finance. It explains everything from how a checking account works to how to purchase your first home. It is for anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to make the best personal financial decisions in order to get the most out of the money they earn. The book does not have any secret forumla for how you can quickly become rich, however, it gives you the information you need to develop your own plans to become financially secure. I hope you enjoy it.... good financial decision as your monthly payments are helping you build equity rather than just throwing your money away on rent. It is just like the difference between buying and leasing a car. ... afford them by granting loans to those with poor credit and by qualifying people for loans that were more than they could afford.

Title:The Real Life 101 Handbook
Author:Mike Duralia
Publisher:Author House - 2009-01-08


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