The Really Useful Book of Science Experiments

The Really Useful Book of Science Experiments

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The Really Useful Book of Science Experiments contains 100 simple-to-do science experiments that can be confidently carried out by any teacher in a primary school classroom with minimal (or no!) specialist equipment needed. The experiments in this book are broken down into easily manageable sections including: Ita€™s alive: experiments that explore our living world, including the human body, plants, ecology and disease A material world: experiments that explore the materials that make up our world and their properties, including metals, acids and alkalis, water and elements Leta€™s get physical: experiments that explore physics concepts and their applications in our world, including electricity, space, engineering and construction Something a bit different: experiments that explore interesting and unusual science areas, including forensic science, marine biology and volcanology. Each experiment is accompanied by a a€˜subject knowledge guidea€™, filling you in on the key science concepts behind the experiment. There are also suggestions for how to adapt each experiment to increase or decrease the challenge. The text does not assume a scientific background, making it incredibly accessible, and links to the new National Curriculum programme of study allow easy connections to be made to relevant learning goals. This book is an essential text for any primary school teacher, training teacher or classroom assistant looking to bring the exciting world of science alive in the classroom.Acids have a high concentration of hydrogen ions while alkalis have a low concentration. The strength of an acid or alkali is measured using the pH scale. The pH scale runs from 1Ay14. Acids have a pH from 1Ay6. Alkalis have a pH from 8Ay 14.

Title:The Really Useful Book of Science Experiments
Author:Tracy-ann Aston
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-09-16


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