The Relay Testing Handbook #1D

The Relay Testing Handbook #1D

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As the first of The Relay Testing Handbook series, Electrical Fundamentals for Relay Testing contains the underlying electrical theory that all relay testers should understand. This information provides a foundation that all other handbooks in the series use when describing the most common protective elements, how they function, and the most effective and efficient procedures used to test them. Even experienced relay testers can benefit from having this manual on hand as a quick reference when facing an unfamiliar relay testing situation. Use the practical examples outlined in this volume to help you: Understand the three-phase electrical system Create and understand phasor diagrams Apply Delta and Wye connections Understand the power triangle Understand basic transformer theory Understand current and potential transformers and connections Recognize the most common fault types and when to apply them Recognize the most common system grounding techniques Calculate positive, negative, and zero sequence components Understand why and how protective relays are applied Paperback: 102 pages Trim Size: 8.5qx11q Publisher: Valence Electrical Training Services LLC Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1-934348-04-8 LCCN: 2012934170Alexander, Ron, Phasor Diagrams II Hands On Relay School Bonneville Power Administration Antonova, Galina S. ... and Applications (Red Book) ABB GEC Alstom (Reprint March 1995) Protective Relays Application Guide (Blue Book), Thirdanbsp;...

Title:The Relay Testing Handbook #1D
Author:Chris Werstiuk
Publisher:Valence Electrical Training Services LLC - 2007-01-01


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