The Relay Testing Handbook #7: End-to-End Testing

The Relay Testing Handbook #7: End-to-End Testing

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This package provides an overview of End-to-End testing and answers the most common questions a relay tester should ask before performing their first End-to-End test. A basic introduction of this test technique is followed by a step-by-step procedure for performing a successful end-to-end test. This package also includes an overview of the most common communication-assisted protection schemes to help the reader understand how these schemes operate. Go to http: // for more information. This paper will NOT be part of the final Relay Testing Handbook.All test equipment should be disconnected from the relays and any wiring removed during the test should be replaced. ... The following items should be included in every test report: A) Cover Letter The coverletter should describe the project, provide a brief history, and (most importantly) include a list ... This letter summarizes all of the test sheets and should be written with non-electrical personnel in mind.

Title:The Relay Testing Handbook #7: End-to-End Testing
Author:Chris Werstiuk - 2010-06-17


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