The Reset

The Reset

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If you suddenly discovered a reset button that if pushed would immediately undo all of your past mistakes and failures and would restore your current life to better circumstances, would you be tempted to give it a try? Most of us would, but of course there is no such button. However, in THE RESET you will enjoy a 28-day journey that will enable you to reclaim the life that you should be living! If you are ready for a fresh start now and a bright new hope for your future, start today and read one chapter a day for the next 28 days. Learn 7 life-transforming Resets in 28 days, and reclaim and finally live the life that God designed just for you! THE RESET is both engaging and practical in its style, but most importantly, it works! When you end this 28-day reset journey, you will put down a book, but you will wake up each day thereafter with a new mind set, ready to go out every day and live your life with overflowing confident hope. Here are just a few of the highlighted quotes: a€œFor all of us, life is a journey, and we really want to give it our best shot every day! Even though we can only see in part where our daily journey is taking us and what the cumulative outcomes will be, we would like to feel good about our efforts and ourselves at the end of each day.q a€œIt is quite a game-changer when we realize that God thinks about us quite differently than most of us think about ourselves.a€ a€œNo other healing of a broken relationship in life compares to the restoration of your friendship with God.a€ a€œI firmly believe that most of our defeats and setbacks in life come because we do not diligently guard our hearts.a€ a€œGod never engineered your hope tank to be empty or even half-full. Instead, He intends for you to max out and overflow with hope so that some of His hope will spill out on others around you.a€ a€œNo matter what start you had, you can now have a great finish!a€After a few thankful minutes of absorbing more of the inspirational sunrise, the plane does start to bank to the right ... As you release the power button and the booka#39;s cover page emerges on your Kindlea#39;s screen, an automated but clear, ... We count it a privilege to have you with us today, and our flight attendants will soon be handing you a commemorative pin as a keepsake for this special occasion. In factanbsp;...

Title:The Reset
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2011-11-04


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