The Retail Revolution

The Retail Revolution

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The definitive account of how a small Ozarks company upended the world of business and what that change means Wal-Mart, the world's largest company, roared out of the rural South to change the way business is done. Deploying computer-age technology, Reagan-era politics, and Protestant evangelism, Sam Walton's firm became a byword for cheap goods and low-paid workers, famed for the ruthless efficiency of its global network of stores and factories. But the revolution has gone further: Sam's protAcgAcs have created a new economic order which puts thousands of manufacturers, indeed whole regions, in thrall to a retail royalty. Like the Pennsylvania Railroad and General Motors in their heyday, Wal-Mart sets the commercial model for a huge swath of the global economy. In this lively, probing investigation, historian Nelson Lichtenstein deepens and expands our knowledge of the merchandising giant. He shows that Wal-Mart's rise was closely linked to the cultural and religious values of Bible Belt America as well as to the imperial politics, deregulatory economics, and laissez-faire globalization of Ronald Reagan and his heirs. He explains how the company's success has transformed American politics, and he anticipates a day of reckoning, when challenges to the Wal-Mart way, at home and abroad, are likely to change the far-flung empire. Insightful, original, and steeped in the culture of retail life, The Retail Revolution draws on first hand reporting from coastal China to rural Arkansas to give a fresh and necessary understanding of the phenomenon that has transformed international commerce.... Tony, 126, 130 Salvation Army, 210 same-sex partner benefits, 323 Sama#39;s Associate Handbook, 100 Sama#39;s Club, 85, 100a€“101, 148, ... William, 806a€“7 Seiyu chain, 189 self-service, 32, 36a€“37, 30 Senser, Kenneth, 151 September 11, 2001 (9/11) attacks, 151 Servant as ... 343 Staples, 232, 250, 252 Starbucks, 332, 337 Star Markets chain, 134 Starter footwear, 173a€“74 state governments, 72, 131, 141, anbsp;...

Title:The Retail Revolution
Author:Nelson Lichtenstein
Publisher:Macmillan - 2009-07-21


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