The Retail Value Chain

The Retail Value Chain

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The internationalization and consolidation of retailing is turning the traditional retail industry on its head. International purchasing, fast and efficient operational models and new technologies constantly challenge retailers. Real price competition is just beginning. The Retail Value Chain analyses the changes in the retail industry and the strategic options now open to companies. The book describes the key concepts of Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) and provides several illustrative cases to demonstrate the results. The following key topics are explored: a€c Why have hard discounters succeeded in many markets? a€c What are the key success factors of premium retailing? a€c How can traditional retailing respond to competition from new entrants? a€c How will private labels change product development processes and the balance of power in the retail value chain? a€c How can different manufacturers benefit from ECR-collaboration? a€c How do retailers share and use information in collaboration with manufacturers? a€c How will new technologies change the retail value chain? Including expert opinions, real-life case examples and a global study of shopper information sharing, The Retail Value Chain is essential reading for both retail practitioners and students of retail and channel marketing.This mirrors a general trend where the aim is to centralize and automate tasks requiring a lot of expensive manual work. Automatic ... However, automatic ordering does not save poorly working logistics and in-store operations. The latter must be ... Automatic ordering needs to have inventory bookkeeping incorporated into the POS or ERP system, which is not used in all retail chains on store level. Gettinganbsp;...

Title:The Retail Value Chain
Author:Sami Finne, Hanna Sivonen
Publisher:Kogan Page Publishers - 2008-12-03


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