The Right of the Line

The Right of the Line

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Traditionally, A‘the right of the lineA’ is the vanguard, the place of honour and greatest danger in battle. In this history of the Royal Air Force during the European War of 1939-45, John Terraine shows how the RAF, which in 1939 was small and inadequate for the task it was called upon to perform had, by the end of the war, taken up its proper position. He describes the build-up to war, the early tests in France and at Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, the Battle of the Atlantic, the RAF in North Africa and the Mediterranean, the strategic air offensive over Germany and eventual victory in Europe. A‘His best book yetA’ The Times A‘John Terraine is a fine historian but he also believes that history should be exciting and readableA’ The ListenerThey fell 90 ft ahead of the swirl across the track of the U-boat; two were thought to have exploded 15 ft from the track of ... to Jouberta#39;s problems, and the acquisition of another squadron (No, 58, from Bomber Command; Whitleys with ASV 11)anbsp;...

Title:The Right of the Line
Author:John Terraine
Publisher:Pen and Sword - 2010-04-06


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