The Road to Scientific Success

The Road to Scientific Success

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This is Volume 2 of the book series The Road to Scientific Success: Inspiring Life Stories of Prominent Researchers. Authoritative scientists describe their life experiences in relation to how success was attained, how their careers were developed, how their research was steered, how priorities were set, and how difficulties were faced. These keys to success serve as a useful guide for anyone looking for advice on how to direct their career and conduct scientific research that will make an impact. The focus on the road to success (rather than scientific findings) and on personal experience aims to inspire and encourage readers to achieve greater success themselves. The objectives of this book series are: To motivate young people to pursue their vocations with rigor, perseverance and directionTo inspire students to pursue science or engineeringTo enhance the scientific knowledge of students, including those who do not major in science or engineeringTo help parents and teachers prepare the next generation of scientists and engineersTo increase the awareness of the general public to the advances of scienceTo provide a record of the history of scienceChapter 1: Wilton W. Webster, Jr.: Pioneer in Cardiac Catheters (1, 585 KB) Contents:Pioneer in Cardiac Catheters (Wilton W Webster, Jr)Leader in the Science of Phases in Materials (Didier de Fontaine)Leader in Polymer Rheology (Christopher W. Macosko)Speech Scientist and Developer of the Global Writing System (Sek Yen Kim-Cho) Readership: This volume is suitable for students (such as secondary school students and undergraduate and graduate students who major in science, engineering, health-related subjects, linguistics, history and sociology), professionals (such as scientists, engineers, technicians, medical personnel, medical device personnel, linguists, phonetics personnel, historians, sociologists, technology-related public policy personnel, teachers, professors, educators, guidance counselors, research managers, technology managers, technology marketing personnel, technology transfer personnel, technology-related business managers and science writers) and the general public (such as the parents of students, science museum visitors, and people interested in science, health, heart diseases, literacy, communication, speech-to-text conversion, faith, international culture, the Korean War, science education, technology-related issues, technology-related businesses, and history). Keywords:Scientific Research;Research Methods;Career Development;Research Direction;Research Process;Research Success;Research Education;SuccessI purchased dry cells, the big ones with screw knobs on top, and heated small wires until they became red hot. I made ... 1.13) used a high-voltage alternator ( Ford ignition coil7) for the spark when starting the car. ... 6The Ford Model T is an automobile produced by Ford Motor Company of Henry Ford from 1908 to 1927anbsp;...

Title:The Road to Scientific Success
Author:Deborah D L Chung
Publisher:World Scientific - 2013-09-09


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