The Routledge History of Medieval Christianity

The Routledge History of Medieval Christianity

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The Routledge History of Medieval Christianity explores the role of Christianity in European society from the middle of the eleventh-century until the dawning of the Reformation. Arranged in four thematic sections and comprising 23 originally commissioned chapters plus introductory overviews to each part by the editor, this book provides an authoritative survey of a vital element of medieval history. Comprehensive and cohesive, the volume provides a holistic view of Christianity in medieval Europe, examining not only the church itself but also its role in, influence on, and tensions with, contemporary society. Chapters therefore range from examinations of structures, theology and devotional practices within the church to topics such as gender, violence and holy warfare, the economy, morality, culture, and many more besides, demonstrating the pervasiveness and importance of the church and Christianity in the medieval world. Despite the transition into an increasingly post-Christian age, the historic role of Christianity in the development of Europe remains essential to the understanding of European history a€“ particularly in the medieval period. This collection will be essential reading for students and scholars of medieval studies across a broad range of disciplines.... at the front of a plough), while the cuckold John makes a monumental fool of himself in public and falls from the attic to the cellar, breaking his arm. ... the motif of the elderly husband with a young wife parodies the popular view of the marriage of Joseph and Mary (as the carol puts it, ... On condition that it is equally shared with his fellow friars, Thomas duly delivers a€“ a fart: a#39;Ther nys no capul [ horse], drawynge in a cart, ... But what of stories set outside the Christian world altogether?

Title:The Routledge History of Medieval Christianity
Author:R. N. Swanson
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-04-10


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